It’s not necessary to hire even a qualified employee: 5 reasons

Experience is not the most important criterion when looking for a new employee. Even an experienced and skilled worker can create many problems for a company. When interviewing, it is important to identify the person who is likely to cause difficulties in the future.

7 HR Practices That Have a Positive

Impact on Profits Hiring staff directly affects the company's bottom line. The ability to assess the qualifications and potential of a candidate contributes to the development and increase of the effectiveness of the organization. Several practices can be used to improve HR performance.

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How to See the Liar During the Interview

Many candidates like to embellish their accomplishments and skills. This can only be revealed during a personal meeting. Only in some cases is it possible to check the specified information in the resume. In this article, the reader will learn how to identify a liar in an interview.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Young Professionals

Working with young candidates for a position has its own specifics. You need to have your own approach to such people and at the same time be able to avoid mistakes. If you manage to select a good and young employee, the company will receive a triple advantage: an efficient, motivated and relatively inexpensive employee. But for this you need to avoid mistakes.

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The main mistakes that 90% of companies make during recruiting

It would seem that the process of finding new employees is a simple task. But this is far from the case. Negligence and attempts to save time can lead to dire consequences. Losses, non-fulfillment of the development plan, conflicts in teams - not the whole list of problems that may arise due to poor selection of an employee. To avoid this, there are 10 main HR mistakes to keep in mind.

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How to improve the recruiting process: ways to optimize recruiting

The way the search for new employees is carried out directly affects the further efficiency of the entire company. Most projects do not pay attention to the recruitment procedure, believing that it is enough to set the selection criteria and filter people by them. But if the process is not optimized, it entails additional money and time.

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