Online interview - tips for the job seeker, pros and cons of this format

09 March 2021

Online interviews are a relatively new interview format that is becoming more and more popular. This is largely due to the fact that some companies are interested in personnel who work remotely.

People employed in intellectual professions are increasingly faced with online interviews - this is not bad or good in itself, but this format has its pros and cons, as well as features that must be taken into account.

Pros and cons of online interviews

The main advantage of online video interviews is that the applicant has the opportunity to pass the interview while staying at home. The home environment is usually comfortable and conducive to tranquility. While at home, you can better prepare for the conversation and not be distracted by various stressors. As a result, fewer emotional resources are spent on remote interviews.

Another important plus is that the applicant does not need to get to the office of the company and spend time on the road.

There are also disadvantages to this format - for example, they include the need to independently provide technical conditions for an interview. It is necessary to agree in advance with the employer or HR-specialist not only about the time of the interview, but also about the program through which it will take place. Next, you need to check the operation of the webcam and headset, install the program and check its operation. In addition, it is worth choosing a neutral place in the apartment and ensuring silence, which can be difficult if a large family lives in an apartment or house.

The online format imposes restrictions on communication - it can damage the expression of speech and prevent the applicant for a position from fully expressing himself.

How to pass an online interview and please an employer

Despite the pros and cons, it is often based on the results of an online interview that a decision is made to hire an applicant to the state. Some companies use remote interviews as one of the selection stages, offering also a face-to-face meeting or test assignment. A person who has received an invitation for an online interview should not be dismissive of this format.

It is advisable to prepare well for a remote interview. It is important not to lose discipline and business spirit at home.


• familiarize yourself with the program chosen for the interview in advance, test the equipment, set an adequate nickname and business avatar in the profile of the program or application;

• have access to portfolios or examples of work in order to quickly send links and accesses at the request of the employer;

• dress in appropriate clothing - you should not be present at the interview in a home T-shirt or some kind of pajamas;

• choose a well-lit place in the room, provide silence, if necessary, remove pets from the room.

You need to be ready 10-15 minutes before the interview.

It is better to use a PC, not a smartphone - this way the camera will be static.

During the interview, you should speak clearly and take short pauses, maintain feedback with the interlocutor. It is recommended to place accents in speech in order to slightly neutralize sound distortion. In addition, it is advisable to look into the camera rather than the monitor to create the illusion of eye contact.

It is important to focus on experience, skills and completed projects, as well as discuss the job itself, responsibilities and prospects. Remote interview is not a format where you can go far from the topic.

Responsibly approaching the preparation of the technical part of the online interview and conducting a constructive dialogue, you can please the employer and become the main applicant for the position.

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