Hiring mistakes

09 March 2021

Let's take a look at a few of the mistakes that companies make when hiring staff.

The first mistake is to write hiring advertisements without clarifying the requirements for the candidate with the heads of the department where the new employee is required. It may cost the company more than one hundred thousand rubles if an employee of the wrong qualification comes.

The second mistake is not doing performance or productivity interviews.

If the company does not sort candidates at this stage, then it gets low statistics.

The next mistake is not to check the resume history. Ideally, the last three jobs should be checked. And it's better to find contacts on your own. This safety measure is based on experience.

There were times when a candidate left a good impression. And the resume he offered was admirable.

But communication with his former managers gave different information, and it turned out that it was even dangerous to hire such an employee.

Another mistake - instead of listening carefully to the candidate, start “selling” the job to him. If we look at the roles, then the candidate came to “sell” himself. And the employer - to buy. Therefore, it should not be confused. Play the game as a buyer to the end.

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