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Our assessment system identifies the best candidates for your position and accelerates your online hiring processes. Thus, you get top-tier
talents of any required industry.

Video Calls at Scale

Connect with people easier and everywhere. Ensure high-quality communication across all the time zones easily.

Always Authentic

Apply video interviews to connect with your dialog partner in a more natural and enjoyable way, while staying online.

Any Device

Enjoy a convenient Interview system on any device with no additional apps or downloads. Just launch the app and start.

Get Authentic Video Answers

Leverage a quick and easy way to communicate with people globally with respect to their time zones.

Use a Convenient Way to Interact Online
Provide Positive Experience
Spend Your Time More Efficiently

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Sampson Totton
College teacher

Interwoo’s platform saved us masses of working hours. I must say, we hire several great people with it!

Karl Kalagin
Head teacher

I recorded my interview and sent it to my future boss. There was no scheduling nightmare, especially during these covid times!

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